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20 Cool DIY Tools To Design Blog Graphics for Newbies

20 Cool DIY Tools To Design Blog Graphics for Newbies

Check out my list of 20 Cool DIY Tools To Design Blog Graphics for Newbies.  When we start a new blog, it is easy to forget we are designing this to appeal to an audience not to ourselves. It is really important to have an idea of your target audience before you start any graphic work.  Think of a color scheme that will appeal to your audience and stay consistent with it. Do not forget the importance of white space in your design, so your audience can easily separate your messages from one another, images and text.

Did you know: White space works as a period or comma when designing graphics?

Beatrice Edwards – Digital Marketing Strategist and SEO Coach

This list is just a fragment of what is available to everyone that would like to DIY graphics for their blog. Do you use an awesome tool that you will like added to this list? Feel free to comment below.

  1. 123rf for photos, video clips and more.
  2. Adobe color wheel for complementary colors.
  3. Bannersnack for banner ads and promotion.
  4. Buncee for combining visuals and text with your images.
  5. Canva for awesome blog graphics, social posts and more.
  6. Chisel for writing words on images.
  7. Da Button Factory for buttons.
  8. Freebiesbug for free fonts.
  9. Haiku Deck for turning words into graphics and presentations.
  10. imgflip for generating memes.
  11. for infographics.
  12. Magdeleine for imagery.
  13. Photoscape for editing images.
  14. Piktochart for infographics, reports, charts, and presentations.
  15. PosterMyWall for making awesome posters.
  16. Prezi for animated presentations.
  17. Quotes Cover for making visual quotes.
  18. Remix for turning your links, tweets, and articles into Instagram pics.
  19. Visage for turning your data into beautiful graphics and charts.
  20. Word Swag for adding visual words to images.

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