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3 Reasons to Redesign Your Website Right Now

3 Reasons to Redesign Your Website Right Now

Just like everything else, the lifespan on technology is limited – limited to about 2 years. A redesign will help your website work better and assist in reaching your marketing goals. (This does not mean you should redesign your website every two years). Let’s take a look at 3 reasons to redesign your website right now, especially how it will help with your S.E.O and digital marketing.

Website is outdated

With how fast technology changes these days a website that was created 4+ years ago would probably look super outdated. Almost to where people would think you have gone out of business due to lack of site maintenance and updates. An eye-pleasing, easy to navigate, user friendly website can do wonders for business.

Your website is not generating any leads or sales

No matter how eye-pleasing and beautiful the design of your website is, if you’re still not converting the visitors into customers for your business, then what more is it then just a useless online brochure for your services or just another monthly bill? Search engines like Google change algorithms many times per year in an effort to provide better results to users. As the search engine requirements change, many times you have to maintain your site to keep up.

Your website isn’t mobile-friendly

Mobile traffic is taking over the internet and if your website isn’t optimized for various mobile devices chances are you could be losing out on leads and even worse actual customers. Here at The Web Silo, we make sure all websites we design, or re-design are fully responsive, meaning they reformat on any mobile or tablet device to be extremely user friendly and in line with Google’s new rules. Think about it this way: Getting a Website Redesign = More Visitors = Higher Conversion Rate = More Sales/Leads

Are you interested in getting a website facelift? It’s time to get your business known online — let us take care of your website re-design, maintenance and marketing so you can focus on else you do best. Ready to get started? Learn More.

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