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Luxury Estate Company


This company provides luxury real estate services in Irvine, California. They are client-focused, helping to relieve stress in the home buying process.


Our goal was to generate quality leads for the client and lower the campaign’s CPR.


2 Week


This campaign belonged to the housing special category and was location specific. Over a period of time, the lead count can begin to decrease. We needed to overcome the challenge of lowering the campaign’s cost per result.


Our strategy was divided into phases in which we tested different combinations of targeting to increase leads and lower CPA.

  • PHASE 1: We effectively utilized the existing campaign’s data (especially leads) and created a set of special ad audiences.
  • PHASE 2: We converted prospects into leads by collecting their data via previously running campaigns.
  • PHASE 3: We remarketed to the warm leads that did not previously convert.


After performing split-tests between single image ads and the carousel ads, we found that the carousel ads were more effective for this campaign.


We successfully achieved our goal and reduced the campaign’s CPR by almost 50%. The client began generating significant revenue from the ads.

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