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Garage Cabinet Manufacturing Company


This company creates garage cabinets and garage workspaces for homeowners with garages. This helps those looking for additional storage or to utilize a workstation in their garage.


Increase the lead count within a week using the same budget that the client had been using prior.


2 Weeks


The biggest obstacle was the client’s request to increase the lead count within a week. It was challenging to provide fast results given the same budget.


Our strategy was divided into phases in which we tested different combinations of targeting to increase leads and lower CPA.

  • PHASE 1: We effectively utilized the existing campaigns’ leads and created a set of lookalike audiences.
  • PHASE 2: We maximized leads by converting prospects into leads via lookalike audiences. This way, we were able to reach our targeted audience.
  • PHASE 3: We optimized for similarity using our lookalike audiences in the U.S. (between 1% and 10%)


Targeting lookalike audiences and performing split-testing between three single image ads proved to be the ideal route for this campaign.


We were able to generate three times the lead count compared to before using the same ad spend budget. The client began generating significant revenue from the ads.

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