As a digital marketing agency, animated explainer videos is one of our top suggested ideas to improve your conversion rates and make you more money. An explainer video could be the digital marketing tactic your business is missing. Whether it be presentations, explainers, info-graphics, ads, or intro videos, The Web Silo can get your video marketing started now.


Why Are Video Animation So Effective?

It’s not a secret that the average web searcher has a low attention span. If your digital marketing efforts cannot capture the user’s attention in under eight seconds, then you don’t stand a chance. As long as you have a catchy script and alluring visuals, an explainer video can easily capture the viewer’s attention and keep them on your website longer.

What Are Some Other Benefits of Animation Explainer Videos?

Below are three reasons why explainer videos are an excellent addition to your digital marketing efforts:

  • Appeal To A Visual Audience – Not everyone gets the message you are trying to send by reading the content on your website. By adding an explainer video, you can also educate your visual audience as well.
  • Help People Remember You – It has been proven that people are 50% better at retaining information that they see or hear compared to information that they read. Let’s go viral.
  • Get Better Shares – A huge part of any digital marketing campaign is to create content that people will want to share with their friends, helping you increase your reach tenfold. If your explainer video is entertaining enough, it is likely to be shared many times.

By incorporating explainer videos into your digital marketing strategy, you can easily connect with your customers looking for your message. If you are interested in seeing how explainer videos can impact your conversion rates, contact The Web Silo now. As your digital marketing agency, we would love to perform some A/B testing to show you just how impactful they can be.

Rates starting as low as $50. Looking to get more than one video? Ask us how you can save.

Sample Videos

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