There are so many ways for your business to get noticed locally and GMB is one of the ways. I am going to explain the steps needed to set up your Google My Business (GMB) account in 5 minutes or less.

The Most Basic SEO strategy

Did you know that creating a simple Google account gives you access to Google Analytics, YouTube, Google+, Google Drive and so much more.

What is required to create a Google My Business Account?

Google requires that you have a brick and mortar business location. If you do not have one you can include a virtual UPS or USPS address. Google does not approve businesses for Google My Business profiles that use an actual P.O. Box in their address.

Setting up your Google My Business Profile

  • Once on the Google My Business Page, select “Start Now”.
  • Once all of your business information is filled in, press “Continue” and you will be prompted to verify your business information.
  • Google will then create your Google My Business profile and account.
  • Your account will be pending verification and a post card will be sent to the address of your business so that they can send you the verification postcard.
  • I got my postcard within 3 business days and added the Pin Code on the postcard to verify the Google My Business Account being created, once verified the business is officially live.

Manage and update your Google My Business Dashboard

From the “Home” section of your dashboard, you can add your company logo, pictures, edit company info, respond to customer reviews, and analyze insights for your business.

Under the “Post” section of your dashboard, you can create text, photos or videos in the form of announcements, offers, promote items or products, or store event details and this will show up on Google Maps, Search and the Overview tab of the business listing.

Under the “Photos” section of your dashboard you can manage the photos in your business profile. From the ones that are presented upon your search results or specific categories (team, exterior and photos at work). Many customers use images of your business as an insight to the atmosphere and the quality of your services.

Under the “Insights” section of your dashboard, you can look at how people find your business listing online. The main focus is how customers use Search and Maps to find your listing and what they do when they find it.

google my business insights

Under the “Reviews” section of your dashboard, you can reply to reviews from customers or you can create and share a link that customers can click to leave a review. If you see a review that is inappropriate or that violates the Google policy you can flag it for removal.

Under the “Website” section of your dashboard, you can create a free mobile friendly website. This free site will automatically be updated when you change any business information or post new pictures/videos.

Under the “Business Info” section of your dashboard, you can update your company address, telephone number, business hours, website, etc. You can also have your Google My Business Profile unpublished from this page, which is good to know in case you decide to close your business in the future years.

google my business ask for reviews

OK, I am all set up, now what?

Now that you have your Google My Business profile up and running, you are one step closer to customers finding your business. Begin asking for reviews from your clients. Not all at once but have a goal for yourself and start spreading the word about your Google My Business Page and getting reviews.

Reviews are a great way for your organic SEO to rise. Click to Tweet

2018 GMB Updates

Earlier this year, Google announced new features to further enhance the Google My Business Dashboard specifically for any managing multiple accounts/businesses.

  • The GMB dashboard now includes the ability to manage all of a business’s locations under one account: All registered agencies can now run “thousands of locations within a single Organization Account,” eliminating the limit to 100 locations per account.
  • Agencies can also send and receive invitations to manage listings within an organization.
  • All locations within a business account are now required to be contained within a location group (previously known as a business account).

Previous updates that are still awesome

  • Business owners can make edits and access their local listings information directly from Google Search.
  • Using “Google Post” businesses can create short announcements, promotions, events, and share images or links to be found directly in query results and on their Google Maps listings.
  • Food service vendors can publish their entire, detailed menus within their search results across Google.


Remember, your Google My Business Page is just a small piece of the local search marketing puzzle, but it’s an important piece.

If you want your business to be found online, get a Google My Business Page and make sure your business is listed correctly on this page.

Or, you can give us a call at 515-635-5633 or email and we will do all this for your business at a minimal rate, since local search marketing is our specialty.

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