Primary Goal:

Get fully booked at peak season using Facebook

Campaign by the numbers:

  • 58,194 – people reached with social media campaign
  • 813 – inquiries within the 1st month of the campaign
  • 3 – month booked out with full occupancy

Our Clients Story:

Like many hotels, our client had a Facebook business page but they weren’t maximizing the potential. A Facebook Business Page can extend your local footprint, drive website traffic, increase engagement, and be a great place to show how much former customers enjoyed their experience. In effect, Facebook gives your business a way to engage with your potential customers in a way that helps to increase bookings.

Marketing Goal:

The hotel did everything else right – great customer service, a beautiful establishment with great amenities and an ideal location. They just needed to tell everyone. Off peak occupancy was steady and if it was accompanied by a stellar peak season, they knew the hotel could go from barely making it to profitable in just a year. The alternative was not something they were willing to consider.

Our Solution: (Within 3 months)

  • A comprehensive social media audit, new pictures as well.
  • We put together a promo that was targeted, easy to understand, and created specifically for Facebook.
  • We started 2 months prior to peak season with weekly high-quality graphic posts that were both eye-catching and shareable. We also posted weekly content that was informative and equally shareable but still promoted the hotel.
  • We managed to respond to 76% of all online inquiries which improved the perception of the hotel which had suffered as a result of a somewhat neglected Facebook page.
  • Finally, we tracked the performance of everything and tweaked the campaign along the way.

Conclusion to This Success Story:

After just 6 months of the Local SEO Strategy, this hotel is now thriving online and 100% booked every peak season.

Serviced Ordered:

  • Social Media Audit
  • Social Media Management