Local Google Ads Case Study

Primary Goal:

Grow conversion for clicks on Google and lower cost.

Campaign by the numbers:

  • 153% – increase in the number of clicks
  • 20% – increase in the number of sign ups
  • $13 – saved per each signup

Our Clients Story:

Our client controlled a modest portion of the surprisingly large and competitive market for industrial storage supplies. They recently discovered why they have been unable to control more of the
local market – their marketing efforts lagged far behind their competition, especially digitally. Their competitors were having marked success via digital channels channels while our client primarily relied on conventional marketing. Realizing something needed to change, they embarked on their own AdWords journey using well-intending internal marketing employees that just didn’t have the knowledge to effectively drive traffic that will affect their bottom line. That’s where we come in.

Marketing Goal:

The goal was clear. They had already spent $3,000 the previous month with less-than-satisfactory results. While their digital marketing efforts were failing, their competitors were capturing a larger piece of the market every day. It was time to turn that around.

Our Solution: (Within 3 months)

  • We analyzed their results and built on the parts of the strategy that were already working for them and changed those that were not.
  • We improved on the ad copies and landing pages used.
  • We began targeting keywords that their competition were targeting – including branded keywords.

Conclusion to This Success Story:

After just 6 months of the Local Google Ads Case Study, we revamped this client’s existing ads strategy.

  • $800 saved in 1st month of our campaign compared to previous campaign
  • 120 conversions compared to 100 – an increase of 20%
  • $12 saved on each of the 549 clicks – 332 more clicks than the month before
  • 10% of conversions resulted from targeting their competitor’s keywords

Serviced Ordered:

  • Google Ads Package
  • Optimized Landing Page Package (add-on)