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Instagram SEO – 7 Ways to Grow Your Instagram Organically

Instagram SEO - 7 Ways to Grow Your Instagram Organically

It’s a fact that people now love Instagram, and its popularity is growing. To get the benefits from this social media platform, you must learn to use SEO techniques.

  • Complete Your Profile

The first step that you must take is to present your account profile to your audience in an engaging way. Set your brand’s image as the profile picture and insert a link of your website. Add attractive pictures in your gallery that can attract visitors to your account to learn more about your business. The more people check out your profile, the more visitors will convert to website traffic.

  • Brand’s Vision

Before starting SEO for your Instagram, you must have a brand vision. You must make a clear message using short key phrases including keywords and popular hashtags for your Instagram profile. You must also post photos along with different engaging brand messages with related hashtags.

  • Contests

Many brands host contests on their social networks. You can also use Instagram for hosting contests. These contests can give you thousands of followers in return. Instagram is a photography-based app, so make sure your contest is photo based. The contest photo should be engaging, relevant to the contest and related to your brand.

  • Keywords and Hashtags

There is no keyword or hashtag planner for Instagram marketing. You have to research and find out the popular keywords and hashtags trending on other Instagram accounts. You cannot create your own branded hashtags till you become a big brand. In your posts you have to use hashtags which have a higher number of posts linked with it.

  • Link to Facebook and Twitter

Make sure you link your Facebook and Twitter profile to your Instagram account. Now, when you share posts on Instagram, you can also share them on your Facebook and Twitter account. It will result in more engagement with your brand. You should add a hashtag in the title of your image.

  • Promote Your Brand Story

Through Instagram you can tell your audience how effective your brand is.  Make sure to present the story creatively. You can share short videos about how your product is made.

  • Embed Your Instagram Posts on Your Website

You can increase engagement to your website by adding your Instagram photos and videos to your website. It will also boost your website search engine optimization. The more likes and shares you get, the better your website SEO will be. All you need is get the embed code by visiting[username] e.g. and post it on your website.

To maximize your brand through Instagram using SEO, you must be very creative as you need to work with images and photography. Using Instagram efficiently will help you boost your brand awareness.

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