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We know our blog and website audience, do you know who visits your site?

Using Google analytics and Facebook Pixels, we are able to see what our visitors are interested in learning, from our The Web Silo Online Marketing Blog and Services. Also, how to harness the power of online marketing to continuously boost your businesses reach and impact to their target audience.

Our primary visitors to The Web Silo include:

  • Startup Business Owners
  • Marketing Managers
  • Business Strategists
  • Customer Service Personnel
  • Social Media Managers
  • Public Relations Personnel
  • Social Media Assistants
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Social Media Strategists
  • Digital Marketing Strategists/Consultants
  • DIY Business Owners
  • Agency Account Managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business/Life Coaches
  • Bloggers

How do we get our visitors? We attract our target visitors by:

  • Optimizing our online marketing blog using SEO techniques
  • Making sure our keywords apply to topics that interest our visitors
  • Staying active on social media
  • Providing informative and educative information on our online marketing blog
  • Most importantly, offering freebies through our newsletter updates

Why is it important to know who your website audience are?

Well, it is hard to convert a visitor to a client when you do not even know they are there. Most importantly, it is in the best interest of your business to know if you are attracting the right people to your website/blog. Marketers know that to adequately serve a client they need to know if they are sending the right message or if they are converting leads at all from landing pages created. Knowing your sites website audience helps decide what kind of marketing and were you should focus on next to build your business.

Don’t you want to know more about your visitors before that visitor becomes a lead?

If you’re wondering about Google analytics, it is a great tool and it gives you much information about your visitors through tracking reports and also informs you of how they found your website.


With the GDRP law in place we all have to be very careful about privacy. It’s important that your privacy policy discloses your terms of use specifically that of IP addresses and lead capture information, should be included in your privacy policy. If you have any concerns please consult an attorney prior to using any information captured.

Important Note

It’s important to get the most from the investment in your website through the tracking and identification of qualified leads. Understanding who visits your site and what they’re looking at goes beyond page views and unique visits and gives tangible marketing and sales intelligence.

Measuring the effectiveness of your site is only half the battle. The other half is experimenting with new approaches and adjusting your content.

To ensure that these features are implemented: Hire a professional!

Hiring professional web designers like those on the Web Silo team is the best way to ensure that your site not only satisfies these legal requirements, but also we make sure you have all the tracking tools you need to give you a real edge against your competition. On top of it all, quality websites need to be maintained and updated properly, another reason to stick with the pros at The Web Silo.

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