best time to post on social media

Knowing the best time to post on social media is as important as any other time invested in your business. As a small business owner, when you have a lot to do, scheduling your social media post when your audience are online can be burdensome.

Social media marketing only works if you put in the time to share posts and stick to a steady posting schedule. Schedule your month’s blog posts ahead of time. How many times do you want to publish a week? Try TWS Social Media Dashboard’s 14-Day Free Trial.

**Please note that the posting times suggested below are for US clients** – I have not tried this schedule with clients outside the US


Posting: 2-5 times per day is a good gauge until you work out the perfect schedule for your clientele
Timing: 1 pm – 4 pm


Posting: 3+ times per day
Timing: 1 pm – 3 pm


Posting: 2-3 times per day
Timing: 11 am – 2 pm


Posting: 1 time per day
Timing: 7 am – 9 am AND 5 pm – 6 pm


Posting: 1 time per day
Timing: 2 pm – 4 pm and 8 pm – 1 am


Posting: 3 times per day
Timing: 9 am  – 11 am

It’s important to remember that the recommendations above only serve as a starting point. Depending on your target market and the product or service you’re offering, the best results are still going to come from testing to find out what works and what doesn’t. In the end, the main reason you are posting is to get the attention of your target audience and not yourself. So do your business a favor and schedule your posts so as to stay relevant to your clients.

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