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9 Features Your Business Website Needs to Be Awesome

9 Features Your Business Website Needs to Be Awesome

As a business owner you want to provide an awesome online experience for your current and prospective customers. Here at The Web Silo, we love On-Page S.E.O and recommend you follow these 9 features your business website needs to be awesome. This list isn’t exhaustive, but by ensuring that at least these 9 things are addressed, you can significantly improve online traffic and conversions and subsequently get more sales.

  • Clearly visible phone number on homepage or contact page

You know that your phone number should be on your website, but it’s positioning is key. An even better tip is the need for a text-based number. This can be identified easier by search engines and customers can copy and paste the number easier if needed for quick reference.

  • Have a Call to action on every page

A call to action is an instruction to invoke an immediate response like “visit us in store today” or “call now” can often make-or-break an entire site. Short, compelling statements should engage visitors to call or visit your business. They should be clearly visible on every page.

  • Limited menu items

Content is King! Your website should be rich in content, but not give users too many options. It should be informative about your services but with the ultimate goal of getting that lead as priority. In short, do not confuse your customers with too many pages or menu options.

As humans we are naturally curious. This is where you should discuss: the “who”, “what”, “where” and “why” of your business. Be concise and highlight as many facts as possible about your real achievements (not your opinions) and also spotlight your mission as a business and how why the customer should do business with you.

  • Maps / directions widget

Assuming you have a brick-and-mortar location that you want to encourage people to visit in person, having the Google Maps locate your business along with simple directions is a must. This is a simple and free add-on option that Google has that can be easily integrated into your site. It will enhance your site for mobile users especially trying to find businesses like yours.

  • Business hours

Are you a home office, independent contractor or do you have a store? Whether or not you are a business that people can visit in person, you need to let your visitors know when your business hours are. This is an often-overlooked detail that can really improve your customers experience and get more people coming to your business.

  • Testimonials / reviews

This is probably one of the most important features of a business website, period. People trust the feedback of other clients a lot more than anything you can say about your own business. Do you have reviews on Google, YP or Yelp? Add this to your website! Links to review sites are crucial in building customer trust.

  • Social media integration

If you had your web site designed by a web designer/developer it’s most likely you has social media icons on your page. It’s important to make sure all the links are active and to update them if the name changes or the link is broken. Some customers like to leave reviews on social media, so it is important to link them to your web page.

  • Mobile and tablet friendly

Lastly, with the new regulations set my Google, it is absolutely essential that your site be mobile friendly and work across all platforms. There’s no need for separate versions of your site, your web designer can get you a responsive design that will be great on a desktop, iPad, mobile phone or notebook. It’s important to stay ahead of the curve and possible be ahead of your competition.

To ensure that these features are implemented: Hire a professional!

Hiring professional web designers like those on the Web Silo team is the best way to ensure that your site not only satisfies these crucial requirements, but also goes beyond the bare necessities and gives you a real edge in your market. On top of it all, quality websites need to be maintained and updated properly, another reason to stick with the pros at The Web Silo.

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