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5 Totally Free Ways to Advertise Your Business

5 Totally Free Ways to Advertise Your Business

As a small business owner you are always looking for smart, cost-effective way to advertise. Ever heard the phrase, “where there is a will there is a way?” With a high morale and lots of hustle, you can get big advertising results with a little to no advertising budget.

Here are 5 totally free ways to advertise your small business:

Ask for Referrals

Once you have a solid business relationship established with a customer, look for ways to ask them to refer new customers to you. You can make your referral program informal and enticing to both your current customer and prospects. Don’t just ask anyone for referrals; you’re asking them to do you a big favor by sharing names of their friends and colleagues. So reward them accordingly – give a nice gift to customers who refer new business to you. What’s a new customer worth to you? We will be sharing another blog post to cover that topic.

Use a Customer Loyalty Program

There are great online tools available now to help small businesses set up an appealing customer loyalty programs to track and reward customers. Encouraging your existing customers to give you more repeat business can be the most efficient way to boost sales.

Revamp Your Social Media Strategy

Posting on social media is free, and over 70% of your customers are online. Spruce up your social media presence and keep the buzz going. Look out for a blog post for ideas on how to take a fresh approach to social media marketing.

Don’t Forget Email Marketing

Social media gets all the hype, but email marketing is still a reliable way to reach your audience of customers and online fans/followers. You asked for their emails, they gave it to you – now use it. Look out for a blog post for ideas on how to create an effective email marketing program.

Get Free Media Coverage

Another free and effective way to market your business is by using “earned media” – also known as “publicity” or “media coverage.” Try to get the news media, business bloggers, local media or other media outlets to make news stories about your business. But of course, getting media coverage for your business is never as straightforward as calling the news outlet and saying, “Please come write about my business!” You need to be a bit subtler and find news angles that your business’ key stories can fit into. For example, if the holidays are coming up, you could offer to be a guest expert about how small businesses are getting ready for the holiday shopping season. If your business has a success story to share – a new product launch or fundraising milestone – you can write a press release and send it to local news reporters or journalists who cover your industry.

Small business owners should never feel like their budget is too small to get good marketing results. No matter what service you provide or product you sell, there are lots of ways to use creativity and hard work to promote your business. And if you’re ready to invest some money in buying ads, it’s easier than ever before to find exactly the right advertising opportunity at a scale that suits your needs and your budget.

Do you have any other low-cost advertising ideas? If so, share them with us in the comment section below.

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