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5 top reasons all businesses need social media

5 top reasons all businesses need social media

“Did you see the funny ad on Facebook by XYZ company?”  People are constantly on mobile devices, and this increases the chances for brands and businesses to anonymously ask new leads to like, share, tweet and follow them on various platforms – which makes social media the NOW of media communication. If you are wondering if social media would benefit your business, please read on and see.

What Is Social Media?

Social media allows users to create and share contents all over the world in real time. With social media you can post anything from current events, to letting friends know about your wedding, and even distributing articles (such as this article or others).

The most common social media platforms include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • LyfePal

Social media should be used to start conversations that engage the minds and hearts of your customers.

Here are 5 reasons that explain why social media is important for any business:

  1. Your Customers Use Social Media
    Surprise, surprise! Customers are active on social media (just like you). When you get your message right, social media can turn into a powerful marketing tool.
  2. Reach New Customers and Increase Brand Awareness
    Sharing quality content on your business social media platform creates buzz with the right audience. Whether it’s a new recipe or a video of how to make Oreo Rice by BuzzFeed Food, your customers will want to share what they discovered. The marketing term for this is earned media. This increases your brand awareness and builds trust.
  3. Improve Customer Service
    Your business can also use social media as a customer service tool, encouraging customers to engage via social media, and responding to those requests quickly. The immediacy of social media can mean the difference between a customer buying from you or from your competitor.
  4. Self-Acclaimed Brand Ambassadors
    Social media gives your business an opportunity to regularly engage with the best and worst customers. Those customers that are sworn to your business will naturally increase the reach of your store by giving you great reviews, sharing your posts to friends (potential clients) and more.
  5. Website Traffic, More Leads
    Social media can drive traffic to your website. Definitely needed for eCommerce stores and also for professional businesses with a portfolio to share. This means that if you sell products on your website (in addition to your store) you’ll have more of an opportunity to be seen by those customers that heard about you through a social share. Social media can make getting website traffic easy.

Do you need help boosting your online sales? Are you struggling with your social media reach? Send us a message we can help.

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