5 time saving tools to manage your social media

5 time saving tools to manage your social media

I used to log in to each social media platform daily, sometimes forgetting to tweet or share videos, forgetting to respond to questions or requests even as sharing posts on all my accounts.

Then, I read a post shared by Social Media Examiner talking about apps and tools to improve productivity and I was in small business heaven after that. So, that being said – below are 5 of my favorite tools for helping you stay productive if you manage your social media yourself.

TWS Social Dashboard – Simplify your social media

This is the easiest tool to use out there (in my opinion). I am able to manage as many accounts as I want in one central location. Need to manage Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest then this is the tool for you.

Tools similar to TWS Social Dashboard:

EpicBeat – Trends, Contents and Influencers that matter

EpicBeat provides surface trends in content, audience and influencers in the most relevant and attractive way possible.

Tools like EpicBeat:
BuzzSumoQuick Sprout

Canva – Custom images made in minutes

Whether it’s a photo editor, pic collage, logo, invitation or poster maker you’re looking for — Canva makes graphic design easy. The best part is that it is available on your Android, iPhone, iPad and computer.

Tools similar to Adobe Spark:
Adobe SparkSketch 

SumAll – Social media management reports

If you’re looking to generate reports for your manager or just get an overall view of how your social media accounts are performing, then SumAll is for you. You can check these stats by visiting the app.

Mention – Media monitoring made simple

People are already talking about you online. Mention gives you live updates about your brand from the web and social media.

Have you tried any of these tools out? Do you have a different “favorite” social tool? We want to know.

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