5 salon marketing tips you need to know

Here are 5 salon marketing tips you need to know now, especially in this era of social media and social media marketing.

Get your salon found

Let’s assume you just got out town either visiting or you are fully relocated and you want to find a stylist or a day spa. Why do you look? 95% of people look on Google of course. It has the best search results and options available by location. If you are in downtown Des Moines and you Type in ‘beauty salon Des Moines’ and hey presto you can be listed among the likes of J Michaels Salon.

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Facebook and Yelp is a quick second when it comes to searching online for business location. There search option is very poor by comparison.

Yelp is an online listing directory that helps with free marketing to your customers most times. So be sure your business name, address and phone number(s) are listed on here accurately.

Facebook business pages are starting to come up on Google searches, but Google will always give preference to GMB (Google My Business) as well as Google Maps when search is concerned.

Take home tip: if you want to attract new clients then a salon or day spa website is a must.

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Invest in SEO for your salon marketing

Search engine optimization is the process of having your website show up and also rank higher, using organic search, in search engines like Google, Bing and even Yellow pages. When people type in “Salon Des Moines near me” I bet you would like your salon to show up, right? That’s what SEO is all about.

Run a contest

Running a promotion works best when done on social media. E.g. Facebook or Instagram. An example of an effective lead generation contest could be, “First 100 people to like and share our page will be entered to win a free salon service package valued at $100. One lucky winner will be announced on Friday.”

Many businesses have done this effectively. You can also do the same and I am sure this will work for your salon or spa business as well.

Beatrice Edwards

Stand out from the crowd with your branded website

You decide how your salon stands out from the crowd. Compare your current website to various websites in our portfolio and think of how you want your beautifully branded website to stand out salon website design

Focus on your social media

You need to post pictures of your work to your salon’s Facebook and Instagram pages as well as Pinterest boards. Once you figure out a posting schedule, be sure to engage with fans and provide exclusive deals to those who follow you on your various social media accounts.

Remember that first impressions count, especially on social media. If you want to look professional and credible you need to invest in your salon website.  Aveda hair salons across the country, have a very active Facebook as well as a welcoming award winning website.

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